Lake Bonney YC
2018 Sunraysia Interclub Regatta

Series scores

Division 1 - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
24 Feb 2018
Race 2
24 Feb 2018
Race 3
24 Feb 2018
Race 4
25 Feb 2018
Race 5
25 Feb 2018
Race 6
25 Feb 2018
11819Cat-titudeMosquito CatSteve ThomasLBYC32394214.0
22035StealthNs14Wayne Hale
  Sophie Hale
LBYC215222 (OCS)717.0
31786MatrixMosquito CatMark PfennigLBYC1611014422.0
4200Viper LDViper 640J-Peter Arnold
  Chris Stevens
  Fiona Huser
5642XImpulse 6.6Ken RobinsonL Boga YC94956630.0
61785Bear TalkMosquito CatGarry JohnstoneL Boga YC53214101232.0
72076TalismanPaper TigerJohn EshmanLBYC777157533.0
81194Tijuana TaxiRs Aero 9Andrew GilesLCYC12121312835.0
82978Gold Tiger TooPaper TigerKen ThompsonLCYC4961316335.0
101805Just A ToyMosquito CatIan Mc AlisterL Boga YC611416922 (DNF)46.0
112457Shore LeavePaper TigerKirsten ThomasLBYC1014141231049.0
111787Try AgainMosquito CatTim KennedyL Boga YC88817121349.0
132996Double Dutch 2Paper TigerBernie BeyerLCYC141312817956.0
14068White KnucklesTaipan 5.7 + SpinKym Luitjes
  Tim Johnstone
1514746On The BallFireballGeoff Ling
  Melissa Ling
22 (DNC)22 (DNC)22 (DNC)351163.0
1641st TernPacer NO Spin 1 UpEllyn CaleLBYC171722 (DNF)4111665.0
171PNSPacer NO Spin 1 UpLachlan HuserLBYC1616167131567.0
181300Keep CalmSabreP. RobinL Boga YC18151511151773.0
19454Laz FarNacra 430 Super SloopGreg OrrLCYC1322 (DNF)1718181480.0
208950ChienneMoth ScowCarol DunkLBYC22 (DNF)1922 (DNF)20191999.0
217Rt FartyPacer NO SpinRyan Hentschke
  Terri Hentschke
LBYC191822 (DNS)22 (DNS)22 (DNS)22 (DNS)103.0
21 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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