Rye Yacht Club
2018 - OK Dinghy Vic State Championship

Series scores

Fleet - Elapsed time

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
10 Mar 2018
Race 2
10 Mar 2018
Race 3
11 Mar 2018
Race 4
11 Mar 2018
Race 5
11 Mar 2018
Race 6
12 Mar 2018
Race 7
12 Mar 2018
1AUS779TBAOk DinghyTim Davies1ABN244119.0
1AUS729TBAOk DinghyAndre Blasse6ABN311229.0
3AUS768TBAOk DinghyMark Jackson18 (DNC)ABN1233312.0
4AUS741TBAOk DinghySteve Wilson9ABN4324619.0
5AUS758TBAOk DinghyChris Visick7ABN5569427.0
6AUS735TBAOk DinghyDaen Dorazio3ABN778718 (DNC)32.0
7AUS764TBAOk DinghyN Gray4ABN10618 (DNC)6935.0
8AUS694TBAOk DinghyG Lokum15ABN618 (DSQ)58842.0
9AUS756TBAOk DinghyNick Bennett5ABN18 (DNF)89121044.0
10AUS740TBAOk DinghyRichard Furneaux11ABN119711745.0
11AUS744TBAOk DinghyMichael Horvath13ABN18 (DNF)18 (DNF)18 (DNS)5559.0
12AUS728TBAOk DinghyBruce Ashton2ABN818 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)64.0
12AUS715TBAOk DinghyLuke Cromie16ABN918 (DNS)18 (DNC)101164.0
14AUS720TBAOk DinghyMike Flavell14ABN18 (DNF)18 (DNF)10141268.0
15AUS755TBAOk DinghySteve Moore10ABN1218 (DNS)18 (DNC)1318 (DNC)71.0
16AUS737TBAOk DinghyGordon Hyde8ABN18 (DNF)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNF)18 (DNC)80.0
17AUS711TBAOk DinghyAshley Parkinson12ABN18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)18 (DNC)84.0
17 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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