Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Winter series 2018

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
3 Jun 2018
Race 2
3 Jun 2018
Race 3
1 Jul 2018
Race 4
1 Jul 2018
Race 5
5 Aug 2018
Race 6
5 Aug 2018
Race 7
2 Sep 2018
Race 8
2 Sep 2018
114Helter SkelterSth. Coast 22AJohn Dingey2232362216.0
23880Where The Bloody Hell Are YouFlying FifteenCraig Rainey1111 (DNC)10 (DNC)2118 (DNC)24.0
3163901Weasel On EdgeLaser 4.7Taj Duff6445629 (DNC)8 (DNC)35.0
41567Itchy FeetNoelex 30/Farr 940 Norbert Hrouda556311116440.0
51406Tenth Prime29erCharlie Broomhall
  Luca Vuat
13 (DNC)13 (DNC)2415 (DNC)15 (DNC)5153.0
53031JuniperTimpenny 670 Alex Stroud375615 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)53.0
7134WaterworksNacra5.5Aaron Manuell109910 (DNC)1357656.0
8G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)179 (DNC)8 (DNC)59.0
83005Rocket Cow125Melody Jefferis13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)539 (DNC)8 (DNC)59.0
83125Inside Joke125Sam Mcvilly13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)449 (DNC)8 (DNC)59.0
812856Chill PillLaser RadialEthan Perry98781014 (DNS)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)59.0
121791Brake FreeMosquito CatTim Shepperd13 (DNC)13 (DNC)1115 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)60.0
12V05NitroFormula FifteenMark Jefferis4311 (DNC)10 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)60.0
141804Bills BoatSabreEsther Francis812 (DNF)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)999 (DNC)8 (DNC)64.0
15342Vintage RedRL 24 SK Mark Francis7611 (DNC)10 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)66.0
151590Silver CloudNoelex 30/Farr 940 Jenny Holter13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)789 (DNC)8 (DNC)66.0
171990Bear AllNs14Andrew Somerville
  Sam Mcvilly
13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)4369.0
18161218ShakaLaser RadialAndrew McColl13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)3570.0
19128658True NorthLaserNeil Zizman13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)814 (RET)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)72.0
20446Yellow BoatSabreBen Bockman13 (DNC)13 (DNC)8715 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)73.0
20366Neva 2 OldSabreLouise South13 (DNC)13 (DNC)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)12109 (DNC)8 (DNC)73.0
22Kyc8SirenUnknown GLYCD Cree1112 (DNS)11 (DNC)10 (DNC)15 (DNC)15 (DNC)9 (DNC)8 (DNC)76.0
22 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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