Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Australia Day Trophy

Series scores

Fleet - Yardstick

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
26 Jan 2017
11830Still BittenMosquito Cat + SpinGary Maskiell11.0
21775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim Shepperd22.0
33099Molly 'O'Flying FifteenJohn Foley33.0
41842HoopoeNs14Andrew Somerville44.0
591TarnaTumlarenCarol Frecheville55.0
6M25SireneMacGregor 25 TSNick Eremia66.0
7G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell77.0
835Golden DreamNorwalk Island Sharpie (NIS 26)David Penhall88.0
9446Banana BoatSabreArcher Manuell99.0
10128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod Lang1010.0
11141947LaserLaser RadialNeil Zizman67 (DNF)67.0
113672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan67 (DNF)67.0
111500Storm WarningMosquito CatSteve Duff67 (DNF)67.0
66 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores

Race 126 Jan 2017

Fleet, Yardstick results

11830Still BittenMosquito Cat + SpinGary Maskiell77.000:42:100:54:451
21775Karma CatMosquito Cat + SpinTim Shepperd78.500:44:010:56:042
33099Molly 'O'Flying FifteenJohn Foley109.001:15:151:09:023
41842HoopoeNs14Andrew Somerville108.001:17:031:11:204
591TarnaTumlarenCarol Frecheville112.001:25:351:16:245
6M25SireneMacGregor 25 TSNick Eremia125.001:36:361:17:166
7G101ChibizuluZulu Mini TonnerPeter Farrell108.401:24:191:17:477
835Golden DreamNorwalk Island Sharpie (NIS 26)David Penhall122.001:34:561:17:488
9446Banana BoatSabreArcher Manuell127.001:53:351:29:269
10128815Cool RunningLaser RadialBrod Lang125.001:56:291:33:1110
141947LaserLaser RadialNeil Zizman114.00DNF67
3672ImpulseFlying FifteenJim Callahan109.00DNF67
1500Storm WarningMosquito CatSteve Duff83.50DNF67
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