What is SailRes?

SailRes is a very easy to use, but powerful, web-based race scoring system for sailing. The steps are

  • Create a series
  • Add entrants
  • Create a race
  • Enter finish times
  • View the results

It's that easy!

Just email us or use the contact form and we will set you up with a SailRes account.


  • No software required - any browser on any device will do
  • No updates to install... ever
  • Extremely simple user interface
  • Results instantly available on the web - no uploading and no waiting
  • Enter results on the water - all you need is an internet connected device
  • Fleet and divisional results
  • Elapsed time, Yardstick and Personal Handicap results
  • YV, CBH, OMR, PY-UK and PY-US yardsticks

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