Apollo Bay SC
ABSC Championship Series 2019-20

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassDivCrewClubRace 1
2 Nov 2019
Race 2
16 Nov 2019
1Ken Goodison10+1Jeanneau 392Ken Goodison112.0
2Bruce JohnsonApril DancerFlying Fifteen Mk 11Bruce Johnson224.0
3Bill GrossWild RoseBeneteau 382Bill Gross44 (DUT)8.0
4Angelika MillarBohemeCatalina 382Angelika Millar549.0
5Tim CobbAffroditeFlying Fifteen Mk 11Tim Cobb7310.0
6Peter BourneMiss MollyFlying Fifteen Mk 11Peter Bourne66 (DNF)12.0
7Croc MacTaggartFern ElizabethFlying Fifteen Mk 11Croc MacTaggart317 (DNC)20.0
8John MarrinerInterludeDuncanson 292John Marriner10 (DNF)17 (DNC)27.0
8CommBankCommBankYngling1Greg Saunders10 (DNF)17 (DNC)27.0
10Ian LearyWindsweptFlying Fifteen Mk 11Ian Leary? (DUT)17 (DNC)?
16 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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