Latrobe Valley Yacht Club
2014/15 summer hadicaps

Series scores

Fleet - Personal handicap

PlaceSail#NameClassCrewClubRace 1
4 Mar 2015
Race 2
4 Mar 2015
Race 3
4 Mar 2015
Race 4
4 Mar 2015
Race 5
4 Mar 2015
Race 6
4 Mar 2015
Race 7
4 Mar 2015
Race 8
4 Mar 2015
Race 9
4 Mar 2015
Race 10
4 Mar 2015
Race 11
4 Mar 2015
Race 12
5 Mar 2015
Race 13
5 Mar 2015
Race 14
5 Mar 2015
Race 15
5 Mar 2015
Race 16
5 Mar 2015
Race 17
5 Mar 2015
Race 18
5 Mar 2015
Race 19
5 Mar 2015
Race 20
31 Mar 2015
Race 21
31 Mar 2015
Race 22
31 Mar 2015
Race 23
31 Mar 2015
Race 24
31 Mar 2015
Race 25
13 Apr 2015
Race 26
13 Apr 2015
Race 27
19 Apr 2015
Race 28
27 Apr 2015
11801Hexham 3Mosquito CatAndrew Copland16137611 (DUT)81111310122231811 (DUT)141124.0
2111EmilyExplorer 16Frank Strickland3126 (DNC)26 (DNC)53331597 (DNS)1 (DUT)1 (DUT)26 (DNC)215426 (DNC)26 (DNC)1 (DUT)1 (DUT)14226 (DNC)446.0
324999SeahawkeLaser RadialBruce James42252 (DUT)22 (DUT)42465572 (DUT)326 (DNC)43652426 (DNC)369 (DNF)257.0
41249GrampusHartleyTs16David Strobridge1 (DUT)4526 (DNC)11 (DUT)726 (DNC)56326 (DNC)7831 (DUT)26 (DNC)6516525739 (DNF)870.0
5121TrilbySabre 22Don McCowat26 (DNC)36226 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)626 (DNC)2 (DUT)26 (DNC)10914377573326 (DNC)2 (DUT)2 (DUT)5380.0
6123304Not AgainLaser RadialKylie Wright626 (DNC)314529 (DNF)2 (DUT)2 (DUT)8485626 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)13 (DNF)2 (DUT)4535129 (DNF)26 (DNC)84.0
72663Windrush14SloopMervyn Brown826 (DNC)84826 (DNC)5626 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)2119726 (DNC)1613 (DNF)10672 (DUT)6745111.0
86268Windrush14SuperSloopJura Pranikowski726 (DNC)76926 (DNC)626 (DNC)7723 (DUT)1110863 (DUT)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)13 (DNF)87826 (DNC)13126 (DNC)26 (DNC)129.0
9161218rLaser RadialAndrew McColl26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)427364526 (DNC)431426 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)49922 (DUT)147.0
101303Timpenny 670Graham Berrett26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)526 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)7526 (DNC)5 (DUT)5 (DUT)8926 (DNC)26 (DNC)610826 (DNC)26 (DNC)302.0
111588SabreC McColl226 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)226 (DNC)26 (DNC)5231426 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)2 (DUT)26 (DNC)307.0
121723Pocket MaxiSabreM McColl26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)133426 (DNC)42226 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)331.0
13161218ShakaLaserAndrew McColl53 (DUT)48 (DNF)226 (DNC)49 (DNF)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)347.0
14779EdelweissHartleyTs16Graham Sibson26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)913 (DNS)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)241626 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)373.0
15WT30NemesisJedda 22 BKRoss Phillips26 (DNC)4 (DUT)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)426 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)7226 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)6387.0
162434#Windrush14SloopGeoff Conway26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)59 (DNF)9 (DNF)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)8 (DUT)8 (DUT)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)403.0
1757RachelExplorer 16P Evans26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)9310 (DNF)99 (DNF)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)404.0
1835Clubman 8Jura Pranikowski26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)126 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)226 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)7426.0
180nomadGary Drinken26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)11 (DNF)26 (DNC)12626 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)726 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)426.0
201097Club Sabre?SabreGraham Berrett26 (DNC)526 (DNC)26 (DNC)326 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)450.0
21530SabreGeoff Conway26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)626 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)326 (DNC)451.0
22632Wild OneHartley 16David Taafe26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)21026 (DNC)26 (DNC)454.0
231202HartleyTs16Bruce Reynolds26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)12526 (DNC)26 (DNC)459.0
24aus 2296ContenderMatt Kee26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)814 (DNF)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)464.0
242434Windrush14SloopEmma Conway26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)26 (DNC)111126 (DNC)26 (DNC)464.0
25 entrants.    Please check the order of tied scores
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